Nature Aligned To Unequivocally Rejuvenate Earth

As of this writing, Nature Aligned To Unequivocally Rejuvenate Earth (NATURE) exists a grassroots movement dedicated to improve the longevity, health, and contentment of humanity and the ecosystems that sustain us.   It is the culmination of roughly 2 decades of research that started with a simple investigation into why the our world suffers so greatly in so many ways.  From that came some awareness of how human psyche, world view, and our social/economic systems all contribute to the condition of our world.   That awareness led to the Way of the Cosmos, for it is ultimately poor worldviews that lead to living in a poorly managed world.   The world ails because questionable tenet of questionable belief structures have embodied themselves into global social and economic systems!   The Way of the Cosmos exists to improve the relationship individuals have to existence, and the rest of NATURE is dedicated to embodying those fundamentally more humanitarian and ecocentric tenets of atheistic spirituality into our global and social economic systems.   In total, NATURE aspires to have a minimum of 3 non profit entities operating on its behalf: Way of the Cosmos, the spiritual division; a nonprofit educational division; NATURE, the activism division, as well as for-profit business division.   It is felt that between them they could have the capacity to reach virtually any area of human involvement, and will use their collective and individual strengths to influence every pertinent system on this planet for the better.   The growth of NATURE will necessarily happen within the spiritual division initially; as that community grows, so will the educational and business aspirations of NATURE.


Unofficially the name of the entire effort consisting of all orgs; Officially the name given to the activism branch of the effort.

Way of the Cosmos

Spiritual foundation…

Educational Division


For-Profit Division

because non-profits have limitations.

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