Spiritual Activism

The domain of NATURE.   Where the tenets of atheistic spirituality are incorporated into our social and economic systems directly.

Why this matters...

Religion is no good for humanity.  Up until now, however, to be religious or not was evaluated on the plausibility of deity.   This is no longer the case.   Humanity will soon understand spirituality, how much it impacts our being and ways of being, and how deliberately damaging religious teachings are to humanity when processed through spirituality.   The religiously devout are the last of their kind; humanity will no longer choose religion.

Do not question
polarized view/stance
denial of most valued capacities
authority structure
devalue existence

The problems of our world originate in psyche.   More accurately the source of the world’s problems originate within the disempowering and outright damaging teachings of religion (be them explicit or implied).  This is because world view effectively defines our world. It defines our realm of possibilities and operating within those possibilities defines our world. The ridiculous state of affairs now found in US politics can be traced back to essentially religious teachings. It is there we find the hierarchical structure that enables one percenters to gain such obscene power. It is there where humanity is taught to deny the qualities about ourselves we cherish most: to question and think critically. It is there where taking polarized views are favored, leaving no room for discourse or potential that extreme stances may not be the best ones.  Religion is the world’s foremost authority on teaching racism and hate.  The underlying teachings of religion manifest in the way we approach everything, giving rise to, and nearly assuring the sad state of affairs involving dominion of our natural resources and political climate.

The Approach:



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