The System

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”  -Einstein

We can’t solve problems with the same level of awareness that created them.   A paradigm shift in understanding is the only way to avert the widespread societial and ecological disaster our world bounds towards.   Environmental non-profits, humanitarian organizations, and political reform groups all do great work, we’d be lost without them. However, they all deal with peripheral symptoms of more fundamental issues. All such entities consistently win battles without ever making significant progress within their respective “wars”. It’s not going to get us anywhere in the long term. All we do is lose ground. We have to first fix the source of problem, then our other efforts will know true success.

On some level the fundamental issues of the world stem from small groups of sociopathic financial elite who subjugate humanity and destroy the natural world at ever increasing rates for their own gain. The ambitions of oligarchs, dictators, and clergy are only a small part of the problem, however, as their ambitions would be meaningless without society somehow being complaisant in it. The real problem is humanity has embraced teachings that cater to this circumstance, and it’s being used against us.  

The teachings humanity has embraced that directly enable and contribute to the demise of our world involve spirituality.   Humanity knows spirituality through our conscious interactions with it.   Of course, the beauty of our diversity comes into play giving humanity nearly as many impressions of spirituality as there are humans, complicating matters.   However, in spite of not being explicit about it, there is clear consensus on spirituality is all about relationship to existence.   This should be fairly apparent.  What is less apparent is humanity’s relationship with spirituality extends far beyond conscious engagement with it.   Spirituality is primarily a subconscious phenomenon, that means virtually everything to us.   As we shall see, it’s arguably the most beautiful and precious aspect of humanity, and it’s being used against us.

Subsequent pages walk the audience through a purely scientific investigation into the true nature of spirituality and the role it plays in our lives and world.  Derived exclusively from the properties of humanity, the properties of the world/universe, and how they interact, it outlines what is demonstrably spirituality’s true nature, as well how humanity interacts with it.   The implications of this cannot be understated because comprehensive awareness of spirituality is the key to saving our world.   You see, with comprehensive awareness of spirituality comes comprehensive awareness of the merits of our chosen relationships to universe…and humanity has primarily embraced exceptionally poor relationships to existence for a very long time.   It is the reason our world suffers.  Humanity’s relationship to existence alone has enabled and/or directly contributed to the demise of our world.   The good news is if you improve the relationship you improve the world.  

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