Way of the Cosmos

An Atheistic Spiritual Path


Spirituality is about relationship, connection, between us and existence.   It would be a challenge to overstate how pertinent it is to humanity.   It begs the question: what is our relationship to universe?  -to the world?  -to humanity?  -to the ecosystems that sustain us?    It is certain we’re not going to find genuine answers within any mythology, even if the mythology is meant to serve as a spiritual path.  Of course, there is a human enterprise dedicated to genuine understanding: science!   Now understandably science isn’t going to be able answer all questions we may pose relevant to our nature, origin, and relation to universe; however, between it and similar investigations into places science may not stray we most certainly can establish a complete spiritual path born of observation alone, born of the properties of humanity, of the universe, and how they interact. -Mythology need not ever be involved…

 When we look into the universe we find life is the most intrinsically valuable substance in existence.   In terms of complexity, elegance, capacity, and so much more, nothing else in the universe comes close.   Life is the most profound gift the universe could bestow upon any of its constitutes.   Sentience, our capacity for advanced thought, is yet another gift of equal magnitude.   Being a technologically capable species is yet another gift of profound significance.  It does not get any better than that!   You are a member of the most capable species known to exist, that could conceivable exist, irrespective of how long we’ve been here or how much of our potential we’ve fulfilled.  

Science does a fantastic job at answering many of our core questions.   We have ample science demonstrating life, we, our ancestors, have been on this planet for around 4 billion years.   -that all life on this planet is kin…


What’s paradise?    The natural world?    -Effectively, that is exactly what it is!   It is also a feeling, it’s a relationship, it’s something deep within us that makes paradise.    We may have thought about it and coined the term, but the reason we bond with the concept is not something we consciously did to ourselves.   It is related to Shinrin-yoku: ‘forest-bathing’…   We are now collecting tons of science (from psychological to medical and certainly beyond) that shows how deep the connection between humanity and nature is.  It is astounding.  Shinrin-yoku is the practice of going into natural areas for the express purpose of gaining the medical and psychological benefits shown to come from it.   It is a somewhat new investigation for mainstream science, but how much our psyche and physicality benefits from exposure to nature is becoming more established and better understood every day.   Evolution tells us we are directly “bloodline” related to every living thing in nature; that is our family, and look what happens to us when we go home.  The psychological connection humanity has to the natural world is quite profound.

We are the universe’s way to know itself. We are its ability to love, produce art, literature, science… of all the cool shit this universe does, we do the coolest shit. You’re the coolest thing in the universe: alive, smart, profoundly capable, you’re an awesome creature. You’ve been given a gift, a place of honor, use it wisely. Make yourself worthy of the honor you’ve been given by treating all life, your kin, with dignity and respect. Laugh, play, dance, explore… Enjoy this life, it is precious. Give it your all, it’s the only one you got. Grow and learn, you are young, born of the stars, fulfill your destiny with your technology and frolic with them once again.

In honor of Carl Sagan, the first person to have conscious awareness of spirituality, as well as the soul who greatly influenced this understanding in so many ways, we identify ourselves as “Sagans”.   To be sure, we are atheists, but to avoid confusion between other types of atheists, we are Sagans.

Nonprofit Organization

This effort is now making progress toward incorporating into a legally recognized entity.


Inspires are community meeting places for Sagans (followers of the Way of the Cosmos path).   Atheists do not build churches, synagogues, mosques, or temples; we build Inspires.  

Inspires are a place to indulge spirituality and build community.   They’re for people to find their place in the universe, for people to find themselves, and so much more.   The Way of the Cosmos exists to improve the relationship humanity has to existence and everything found within; Inspires are where we put that philosophy into practice.

Inspires are envisioned to be regular meeting places for Sagans (followers of the Way of the Cosmos path) and our guests.   Details are still being worked out pertaining to the types of programs we’ll initiate and at what point in development we might initiate certain programs, but the dedication to improving humanity’s relationship to the natural world, each other, themselves, and the ecosystems that sustain us will be apparent.  

Much like could be expected within meetings of other spiritual paths, course of action for scheduled meetings in Inspires might start with a brief general assembly to discuss some of the finer points of spirituality and our relationship to everything.   From there, however, meetings are likely to look rather different from what’s found within other spiritual paths because we intend to directly engage spirituality with the rest of the time, rather than merely talk about it.     For lack of a better term, most of the time spent in Inspires is meant to be spent in “workshops”.    Spirituality involves virtually every aspect of lives and Inspires wish to cater to breath and depth of it as much as it plausibly can.   Many of the “workshops” will be sponsored and ran by Way of the Cosmos/Inspires independently.  However, collaborations with the educational division of NATURE are being planned too.   Ultimately, Inspires will be a resource for personal relationship to the natural world through outdoor excursions, community gardens, and more.   Inspires will be a personal enrichment resource (and potentially an after-school resource) where those interested might learn to play a musical instrument, gain access to art supplies, toy with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi (electronics/programming/robotics), get into some science, or whatever else might suit them.   Inspires will be a resource for the community they reside within outright by sponsoring events open to all ranging from bbq’s to cleaning parks and helping with upkeep (and livability upgrades) on the homes of the elderly.  Representatives of NATURE are certain to be around too, for those who wish mix their spirituality with some activism. 


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