An exploration of 21st Century physics.

Theories are comprised of roughly 2 elements: observation and interpretation.  The theory that is more comprehensive and aligns with observation better is the more accurate theory; period.   The gravitation-centric theories of the 20th Century have known problems; the solution to many of them is discussed below.  

Black Holes Do Not Exist!

Sure, system collapse to is a reasonable approach to the question of neutron degeneracy...
...however that approach is inconsistent with observation.
Presenting a unique understanding of "nova":


Time dilation is born of real, comprehensible, tangible circumstances...
Relativity is incapable of telling us anything about those circumstances because they exist beyond its scope.

Limitations of Relativity

Relativity stands as one of humanity's greatest achievements...
...and being unrealistic about what it achieved is the path of religion, not science.
Limitations of Relativity

Limitations of Mathematics

"Modern Physics" means better than yesterday's physics...
...and we're coming from a place of perfect crystalline spheres and epicycles.
Limitations of Mathematics

Big Bang Theory

It was better than Steady State Theory...
...but it's not talking about our universe.
Big Bang Theory

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