Nature Aligned To Unequivocally Rejuvenate Earth

Why is our world crumbling?  -collapsing middle class, rampant ecological destruction, climate change…   What are we doing wrong?   Humanitarian groups, environmental nonprofits, and political reform orgs all do great work, we’d be lost without them.  However, they are dealing with symptoms of more fundamental issues.   The more it was investigated the more it became clear the fundamental issues of the world stem from religion; philosophies, psychologies and approaches found within religion are the primary contributors to the questionable state of our world.  That conclusion seemed almost nonsensical at first, until the true nature of spirituality came to be known (through even more thorough investigation), and it revealed a profound amount of insight into humanity, our world, and how our systems work.   The investigation revealed the tenets of Abrahamic spirituality are indeed responsible for the continual destruction of our world; it also revealed insight as to how to save our world.    The world ails because questionable tenets of questionable belief structures have embodied themselves into global social and economic systems.   To save the world we must first repair the relationship humanity has to the natural world, and then incorporate the tenets of our real relationship to the universe into our social and economic systems, and NATURE aspires to do just that.   The Spirituality division of the effort is to repair our relationship to the natural world, while NATURE itself is more focused on improving social and economic systems, along with other entities meant to expand the reach of the cause.   We hope you will spend some time here to investigate the true nature of spirituality, what it means to humanity, and what it means to the well-being and longevity of humanity and the ecosystems that sustain us.  

Nature Aligned To Unequivocally Rejuvenate Earth

Spirituality, and how it was meant to be.

Investigations into 21st Century Physics.

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